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While generally the UK Housing Market looks promising, at least for some, conveyancing has also become a competitive market. If you're buying a house for the first time, you'll find out that finding a conveyancer to instruct can be a tough challenge. While conveyancers advertise competitive prices for their services, what proves to be quite a task is finding out who can guarantee diligence, efficiency, and compliance.

If you're new to property ladder, be informed that a property sale and purchase completion can take weeks, even months, and without a conveyancer as your wing-man, you can seriously find yourself confused and frustrated.

To help you with your choices, always take note that conveyancing involves a lot of tasks and processes requiring compliance and legal competence that keep trouble out of the way. This is the reason the Law Society established the Conveyancing Quality Scheme: to provide strict guidelines in carrying out the conveyancing process.

More so, here are a few qualities of a good conveyancer to help you choose an ideal one.

A good conveyancer is keen on details and attentive to instructions given to them.

They make things, terminologies and concepts, easy to understand. They use a simple language to explain legal terms and avoid using jargons that can be confusing.

They have an efficient method and system in place to keep you in the loop of events. They can either update you and follow up through SMS, phone calls, emails, or a facility on their website for you to check on the progress of your case.

Great conveyancers would also let you be involved in the necessary parts of the process. While they should generally get everything sorted on your behalf, good ones should involve you in the process, particularly with the paperwork.

They will set your expectations properly regarding timeline and quality of service, meet them, and even take an extra mile to provide value added service.

They also offer sound advice to make sure the entire process proves trouble-free. They are straightforward and the explanations you should get do not beat around the bush.

The offer transparent pricing structures for their fees. They will give a reasonable deal on their basic fees while keeping a detailed list of disbursements that you will be charged towards the end.

Their experience is adequate and their expertise is at par with the recent quality and compliance standards. Great conveyancers are well versed with the entire process so they can map out action plans should difficulties and complications come along the way.

If the above descriptions fit few firms or individual practitioners in your list, you're on the right track. Narrow down your search further by comparing the rates they offer and the schedule they make to set your expectations on the timeline. While you would want someone who can complete the process as quickly as possible, keep in mind that conveyancing can be a complex process. This is why it's important to find someone competent enough to make it hassle-free and not put you in a legally compromising situation.

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